Pirate Box



This year I had purchased a Raspberry Pi with intent to do some creative things with it.  One of these things has been to create a Pirate Box.  The pirate box will transmit a local wifi signal, isolated from the actual Internet, which allows people to chat and share files with one another in a local setting.

The idea I had is to bring this to shows and events that I will be performing at.  At that moment in time people will be able to connect to this device and download my music for free.

I created this device with intent on having it be live during this year’s NorCal Noise Fest.  Additionally I am collecting pieces from other performing artists to have them available on the piratebox at the festival.

Up until this morning I have had the device in a regular Raspi case without any flashy lights or anything to draw people’s attention to it.  Lob had suggested to “Make a big poster and have it point to something!”

This is that something.  This weirdo device will house the raspi and will light up.  It was built from an old fisher price camera, phone parts, a tv antenna and a few whisks.  The whole thing is a dumb flashy thing that will draw people’s attention.