July 26th, 2015

First off I’ll mention that I’ll be playing out in Davis CA. Here are the links proper:
NOISE SHOW: Davis Noise Pioneers
Davis arts Center page

I’m excited about this show. Bill Burg will be doing a presentation on the history of experimental music of Davis, followed by a quick change into SMITE! Following SMITE will be a few great acts that will give music new meaning:

Mulva Myasis – I have met Noa through KDVS and she has kindly let me play in her living room a couple of times. She has a great selection of home made electronics and synthesizers. They’re all really noisey and lovely.

Kevin Corcoran – My favorite percussionist in the area, and possibly ever. I can’t say if he’s doing a percussion set because he has been known to do electronics as well and he might do that. Really, don’t miss this guy. When he’s not buying cheese in other countries he’s doing some insane things with other things that you didn’t think would do such things.

Chopstick – Me. I don’t know exactly what I’ll do yet. Probably some shitty theremin thing because everyone’s like, “oh wow you play the theremin! Did you see the documentary about blah blah blah.” Yes I saw the documentary.

Noisepsalm – Whenever Matt comes down from the hills it’s a treat. And I’m never sure if he’ll be by himself or if he’ll bring his entire family and collection of friends with their homemade instruments. His work is always a great feat to see live.

Art Lessing – Dan said he’ll be doing a solo thing. He has been very inventive when it comes to song writing AND creating actual instruments. This performance will be very organic, pure, and wickedly open and honest. He created the beautiful sitar-guitar that I have.

Instagon – Lob is very likely going to involve all of us in a very demented method. SO with everything that we just performed with, ONLY together, mixed and driven by the might daemon.