“coffee for noise lovers & noise for coffee lovers”

This year in preparation for Noise Fest we had setup an IndieGoGo page to raise funds. This had been successful last year and this year even more successful. The people involved with noisefest put together various perks to help with the income. I came up with the idea of 5 pounds of home roasted coffee and a single recording specific to the perk. The bags were custom painted. Two people bought this perk so I had 10 pounds of coffee to roast at home. (I’ll go over the home roasting process in a separate blog).

Coffee beans were purchased locally in Sacramento, CA, and hand roasted in small batches over stove top. I will never roast 5 pounds of coffee in that short amount of time again.

Music was recorded at neon noodle studios September 21, 2015. The same setup was used, recording two separate sets with slight variances.

Here’s the audio:

Set 001:

Set 001 – MP3
Set 001 – FLAC

Set 002:

Set 002 – MP3
Set 002 – FLAC