“coffee for noise lovers & noise for coffee lovers vol 3”


Like every other year I offer a coffee perk for the Norcal Noise Fest when we do our IndieGoGo campaign. The perk consists of a custom recording and a bag of home roasted coffee. If 2 or more people buy the perk then I roast more coffee and make more recordings. So far it’s been consistent that 1 person will buy it each year.

Music was recorded and mastered in 1 take by Andrew Wayne; Chopstick on 10/01/2019 at Neon Noodle Stoodios*

*This is the only time I found myself using this spelling of ‘Studios’

Coffee was roasted on 10/03/2019. I rarely do blends because I typically like getting the whole flavor of a bean from a particular farm, but coffee blends are a good way to capture elements you like from different farms to bring them together for a nice palette of flavor.

Green coffee beans purchased from Sweet Marias.

African Blend consisted of the following beans:
-Burundi Honey Process Gahahe
-Rwanda Nyamasheke Cyato Lot 327

South American Blend consisted of the following beans:
-El Salvador Honey Process Finca El Naranjo
-Nicaragua Dipilto Finca La Laguna

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