“coffee for noise lovers & noise for coffee lovers vol 2”

For this year’s Noise Fest IndieGoGo campaign I had done a similar perk to what I did last year.  Last year I roasted 5 pounds of coffee and paired it with a unique recording.  Two people purchased this perk so I ended up roasting 10 pounds of coffee which took up a good part of the day.

Despite the mild annoyance of roasting all day, I did enjoy offering this perk so I offered it again this year, but lowered the amount to 2 pounds of coffee per purchase.  2 pounds is more manageable with my coffee roasting setup.  I roast coffee in small batches and in most cases I will roast for the weekly consumption of my household.  Every so often I will roast for friends upon request.  So it’s not a setup for serial batches.

This year, only one person purchased the perk so I only had to make one bag of coffee and one recording.

Here is the bag art.

Here is the audio.



Photo credits: me from 7/4/2000.  The location may have been somewhere in Michigan based on the other photos on the same roll.

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