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A list of the ongoing projects I’ve been doing at home, including modifications and circuit bent goodies.

So you want to stream your performance!

Sacramento Audio Waffle and NorCal NoiseFest Video Standards (Added 2023-05-27) Adding a top section here to get to the details of what we want for video submissions for Sacramento Audio Waffle and NorCal Noise Fest. For Sacramento Audio Waffle videos, please have the video length be somewhere between 10-20 minutes in length. For NorCal Noise Fest, please have the video… Read more →

Electronet Challenge – Breakdown of rain sounds

There’s a group on Facebook that I’m involved with that has monthly/bi-monthly/whenever challenges.  This was the first time I’ve actually contributed to it.  This month’s challenge reads: Okay, dear Electronetae, I offer up the March/April challenge!! Our resident historian and story teller, Mark, recently told me about synth and sound pioneer Don Lewis, who was ‘so influenced by Wendy’s ‘Sonic… Read more →

Pro-One – Modified (Finally done)

The pro-one is finally updated! When I received this Pro-One it was in pretty beat up condition.  The keyboard was not functional and the case had no screws so nothing was secure and all the wires were pretty messed up. Back in September I had redone the power wires to make it playable for Noise Fest.  It was playable at… Read more →

Pro-One Brief Update

Early in 2013 a friend had given me a Pro-One synthesizer. She had moved out of town and the synth had stopped working for her. During my unemployment I was going to service it but kept putting off the project for fear of how much work I thought it needed. I also eventually got a new job and this project… Read more →