Pro-One Brief Update

Early in 2013 a friend had given me a Pro-One synthesizer. She had moved out of town and the synth had stopped working for her. During my unemployment I was going to service it but kept putting off the project for fear of how much work I thought it needed. I also eventually got a new job and this project was put even further on the back burner.

The case was pretty beat up and the electronics for the power was really showing age.

I had re-wired the power transformer and hooked it up to test here.

The Pro-One will be mounted in a different case without a keyboard. I’ll be controlling it entirely by CV. The keyboard was beat up and actually was not responding to the synth anyways. (Let the hate mail fly).

What’s playing here was whatever sequence was on the chip upon first powering it on.

By a friend’s recommendating I had watched the documentary I Dream of Wires and caught the bug to build a modular synth. Even though it would be entirely counter productive to everything that I’m trying to work on music-wise at the moment. I had decided that I would build this Pro-One back to playable form and utilize the patching system on the Korg MS20 Mini to control it, seemingly. Or use my Theremin to control it. Thus, before I build a modular synth setup I should really use the toys I have currently, eh?