2021-09-11 – Andrew Wayne Live At Red Ex IV

The Red Museum is a great spot in Sacramento. When not in pandemic mode we run our monthly Audio Waffle events out of this space. We also try to help out and volunteer as often as we can. The Red Ex series is the annual fundraiser for the museum. Only the hippest of hip bands get to play and I got to open!

This was the first time attempting to stream to Twitch via the mobile app and honestly it was simple enough that I’m going to do this more often if in a space where I can’t setup a mobile streaming setup (it’s work dammit).

I also did a direct recording from my mixer which I’ll add here when I pull it from the Tascam.

This piece, written for the Red Ex, I wanted to paint an audio picture using just the theremin. Theremin is controlling 3 different voices on my eurorack setup to make rain and wind (white noise & filter), frog sounds (low osc & filter) and bird sounds (higher osc & filter).

The programmed piece and drum machine fades in, creating a soundtrack to the synthesized nature sounds I start with, combining digital tech with nature sounds (kind of a sound inspired by Geinoh Yamashirogumi), which takes over before fading and dying and returning to nature.

This is the only time this piece will be performed.