2021-05-06 – Andrew Wayne is Bee DOG – Musiclandria BDOG

Since we started the quar year I have done a number of virtual shows but I haven’t been putting them on the blog, but I’m going to fix this retroactively.

In Sacramento we have a music lending library called Musiclandria. Musiclandria offers music instruments and recording services for practically free and I’m happy I’ve known them since about the beginning of it’s conception and am lucky enough to get a spot to do my baloney music.

For Big Day Of Giving this year musicians from Sacramento were invited to play virtually which was streamed to YouTube. The piece here is my submission for the fundraising event.

Here is just the audio from the performance.

FLAC Download
MP3 Download

This was a fun event and it helped raise a ton of money for the library so I was happy to be involved. Enjoy!