Chopstick – Live at Naked Lounge 1/7/2017

Here are the recordings from Friday night, January 6th 2017. I had a grounding issue with my theremin which I couldn’t figure out until I was done with the performance. Initially I had thought it was my volume pedal. It had been a while since I last played Naked Lounge and I had a grounding issue last few times that I have performed there. It only tends to affect my theremin. There’s a squelch that you’ll here a few times throughout the recording.

Vostek Sessions FLAC
Vostek Sessions OGG
Vostek Sessions MP3

EDIT: I just realized I didn’t go into the details of the equipment used and that would be something that someone would want to know. (OR something I would want to know in the future if I had forgotten about this one).

Lead: Theremin. Effects used: Digitech Whammy, Volume, Korg Hatsune Miku Pedal, DITTO looper, Tremolo, Reverb. The Hatsune Miku pedal was used in the middle where there’s possibly a voice you may have heard.

Percussion: Korg SQ, Akai Drum Wolf, Moog Minitaur, Moog Werkstatt. The drum wolf clock was sent to the sequencer which sent signals to the Minitaur and Werkstatt accordingly. The sequencer also controlled LFO on the Werkstatt.