2017 – New chopstick show and upcoming projects (I guess)

2017.  Happy new year.  This year I decided to attempt to focus more energy on creative efforts.

First things to get out of the way.  I have a show on January 6th.  Here is the event page link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1625442864417124/

I found another event page on Facebook, created by the “Like Wine Like Water” dude and they created the flier with my name written as “chopsticks.”  This tends to happen often unfortunately.  I’ll typically shrug it off.  This time however really bugged me.  The flier I made may have accidentally spelled his act.  Eh.  Whoops.


My recent creative efforts have mostly been waiting on some outside task forcing me to put together something: an invite to a compilation or a show or something.  This wasn’t how I started.  I used to burn calories to get my act out there.  Then I got lazy.  I’ll get back into focusing a little bit a week on working on this stuff again.

I’ve also been working with a friend on a podcast.  Here’s the link proper, The Hypothetical Podcast.