Pro-One – Modified (Finally done)

The pro-one is finally updated!

pro one - mounted in briefcase

When I received this Pro-One it was in pretty beat up condition.  The keyboard was not functional and the case had no screws so nothing was secure and all the wires were pretty messed up.

Back in September I had redone the power wires to make it playable for Noise Fest.  It was playable at the time, but not all functionality was there as the ins and outs were hard to get to.  I had mounted the synth in a briefcase, using a sheet of plastic that I got at Tap Plastics, a local plastic shop here in Sacramento.

I had to makeshift the ins/outs.  I created little extension cables that plug into the back of the Pro-One and mount to the top plastic.

pro one - back 001

Here’s a closeup of the jacks.

pro one - back 002 closeup of ins outs

Here’s the plastic and Pro-One from the top.

pro one - front 001

A closeup of the ins/outs and my crappy makeshift labels.

pro one - front 002 closeup of ins outs

Here’s how it looks in the briefcase entirely.

pro one - full case

Also I made a cell phone stand with some of the leftover plastics.

cell phone stand