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“coffee for noise lovers & noise for coffee lovers vol 5”

MP3 Download FLAC Download Each year when have done our IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds for the Norcal Noise Fest, I have offered a perk of 3 pounds of home roasted coffee and a recording to pair along with it. This week I had completed my 5th volume of this perk. About the coffee: The coffee beans came from Ethiopia,… Read more →

2021-10-03 – Andrew Wayne is Unimportant – Norcal Noisefest 2021

Artist: Andrew Wayne is UnimportantTitle: I bought this psychedelic and all I got was this pixelated sunburst. LAME!Web: Video effects created using Hydra Thank you for watching! Recorded and Mastered at Neon Noodle Studios by Andrew Wayne, 8/24/2021Video submission for Nor Cal Noise Fest 25, 10/3/2021 Tags:noise, eurorack, synthesizer, theremin, experimental music, drone, synth music, chopstick Read more →

2021-08-28 – Andrew Wayne Is πŸƒ – Edmonton Noise Fest 2021

Artist: Andrew Wayne Is πŸƒTitle: An Audible Study On PhotosynthesisWeb: Video clips were taken from Encyclopaedia Brittanica video on Photosynthesis, 1981. Produced by the BBC for the British Open University. Thank you for watching! Recorded and Mastered at Neon Noodle Studios by Andrew Wayne, 8/6/2021Video submission for the Edmonton Noise Fest, 8/28/2021 The entire Edmonton Noise Fest session can… Read more →

2021-05-06 – Andrew Wayne is Bee DOG – Musiclandria BDOG

Since we started the quar year I have done a number of virtual shows but I haven’t been putting them on the blog, but I’m going to fix this retroactively. In Sacramento we have a music lending library called Musiclandria. Musiclandria offers music instruments and recording services for practically free and I’m happy I’ve known them since about the beginning… Read more →