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adult swim drive in

The Adult Swim Drive In happened last night in Dixon. This was such an awesome event and I’m happy to have made it out. This little photo shoot happened with my eyeball wifey. Just ignore the cricket advert at the bottom. Other pictures. Read more →

KFJC Live 08-09-2015

The evening of August 9th, Marc of Medicine Cabinet and I got the pleasure of playing live on KFJC. I have played here previously with Night Nurse, but it was a good number of years since I have been out this direction again. Besides getting lost briefly in the parking lot I was able to find the studio and setup. We… Read more →

July 26th, 2015

First off I’ll mention that I’ll be playing out in Davis CA. Here are the links proper: NOISE SHOW: Davis Noise Pioneers Davis arts Center page I’m excited about this show. Bill Burg will be doing a presentation on the history of experimental music of Davis, followed by a quick change into SMITE! Following SMITE will be a few great… Read more →

Oh yeah!

It’s not that I haven’t forgotten to update this page, it’s just I haven’t gotten around to it. So I have a show NEXT weekend.  Show information can be found on the facebook event page. I have a few recordings that I have been meaning to put on this site, and I’m somewhat debating about turning on comments so I… Read more →

Pro-One – Modified (Finally done)

The pro-one is finally updated! When I received this Pro-One it was in pretty beat up condition.  The keyboard was not functional and the case had no screws so nothing was secure and all the wires were pretty messed up. Back in September I had redone the power wires to make it playable for Noise Fest.  It was playable at… Read more →